Outdoor Holiday Activities & Space At Bessingby Cottages

There is an ample car park with plenty of room for you to park 2/3 cars for yourselves, your friends or family.

There is automatic lighting in the car park, down the paths and over your front door.

We provide a complimentary wheelbarrow to carry your luggage/shopping from the car park to your front door!
Alternatively, we will be glad to offer assistance in carrying your luggage – please just ask.

Each cottage has its own garden and lawn, equipped with garden furniture and barbeque, with an additional large shared space which is great for ball games and running around. Here you will find the swings and slide, playhouse and sandpit; perfect for outdoor holiday activities.

The gardens are well stocked and often attract a lot of wildlife – look out for barn owls, pheasants, hares, and deer, and even one year a peacock!