Family Friendly Holiday Cottages

Being parents and grandparents ourselves, we know how hard it is to pack for a family holiday when you’ve got children…
by the time you’ve got all the kit they need in the car, you’re lucky if there’s room for a toothbrush for you!

We aim to be a family friendly holiday destination with family friendly holiday cottages, so to ease the load a bit we have the following equipment, which should help to free up a bit of boot space for Mum and Dad!  There is no charge – just let us know what you need when booking.

For Bedtime

Cot bed
Toddler bed
Sheets, duvets & blankets
Baby monitor
Soft bed rail
(transition to “big bed”)
Baby bath
Night light (plug-in) x2
Baby bouncer/rocker
(up to 6 months)

For Toilet Time

Changing mat
Nappy bin
Toilet training seat
Child Step
(for reaching toilet/basin)

For Outside Playtime

 Bats & balls
 Paddling pool & sandpit
 Swing set & slide
 Buckets, spades & fishing nets

For Meal Time

High chair(s)
Booster seat
Hand blender
(for preparing weaning foods)
Plastic cups, bowls, plates & cutlery

For Play Time

Toys for different ages
DVDs & books
Jigsaws & Games

For Safety

 Plug socket covers
 Lockable garden gate